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My painting experience began at a very early age with an intense desire to master oil painting on canvas.  That coupled with a longing for truth and freedom led me to a lifestyle of wandering and freelance artwork.  Having tried many jobs throughout the years without success, location and circumstance provided an opportunity for me in 1987.  I walked onto a construction site and was offered a job painting new houses.

The very first day of professionally painting homes began when my employer told me to climb a ladder and paint the trim on the exterior of a house that was under construction.  Climbing ladders with a brush in one hand and a bucket in the other was not what I was anticipating but apparently I passed the test.  The next day I had work boots on and was wearing painter's whites.  I worked for several different painting companies for the next 6 years.  Each employer took the time to teach me their particular expertise.  Oil painting with a 3" brush became mine.  Eventually I realized that I was painting a greater portion of the house and could barely pay my bills while my employer was planning his next vacation.  No one would offer me a better wage to even things out a little bit so I had no other choice than to try to paint homes on my own.  Learning how to estimate time and set a rate to meet my financial obligations became my next challenge.  

I began working under my own name, Anita Pribik, and have done so for the past 20 years.
The work that was offered to me was continually referred from previous customers and I had no need to advertise.  By painting the exterior of town homes, alone, I became very visible.  When it became apparent that I did indoor painting as well, I was offered interior work often painting two rooms at a time until the entire home was painted at a pace my clients could afford.  I found that each project offered to me taught me one thing that I didn't previously know about paint.  The projects became even more interesting when the mention of my reputation included that I am also an artist. Custom Faux Finishes became my area of expertise, this through trial and error, however every project was a complete success.  When this point in time arrived I painted nothing but faux finishes on steady basis for many years, these also two rooms at a time, eventually to include the entire home.
Pewter Faux Finish by Anita Pribik - Livingmurals
The demand for Faux Finishes has declined with the economy.  "Livingmurals" was registered as a business entity in April 2012 so that I could begin to advertise.  Due to my extensive experience in Faux Finishing it is often not quite clear that I am a residential house painter by trade as well as a faux painter.

I relocated to Lynchburg Virginia in October 2013 with the hope of reintroducing myself by offering my services as a licensed house painter to homeowners, realtors, builders, and residential paint companies.  I am a professional residential house painter from Northern Virginia with 26 years experience and sole proprietor of Livingmurals.