Drywall Repairs - Wallpaper Removal

Drywall Repairs - Drywall Finishing - Wallpaper Removal - Kitchen Cabinet Painting 
Wallpaper Removal - Livingmurals
These photos don't seem to feature drywall repair or wallpaper removal at first glance.  In fact I was originally called to give an estimate on kitchen cabinet painting.  The wallpaper removal was included at a minimal charge because throughout the room there was so very little of it.  This wallpaper proved itself exceptional in it's enduring quality.  After 4 hours of work on one area the homeowner's agreed that the wallpaper had become a part of the walls surface. This is very rare, however, the main reason why one should choose a painter experienced in drywall repair and finishing when having their wallpaper removed. 

The Wallpaper was primed with Kilz Oil Based Primer to completely seal it and create an impenetrable surface that latex wall paint would adhere to.  Caulking was applied around the baseboards, trim, windows, and ceiling.
The wallpaper seams were skimmed with a coat of drywall.  The heavily damaged areas where the wallpaper removal tore off the top coat of the drywall with it were repaired.  Two coats of finish paint were applied.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Livingmurals
Most wallpaper will come off by saturating it with water.  If any bubbling occurs during this process it can not be painted over without extensive drywall repair to cut the bubbles out and make the surface smooth.  To remove wallpaper without drywall damage is nearly impossible even for an experienced professional. In the event that the paper peels right off without water the residual glue has to be removed in most cases and a day of drying time is required before painting.

The Kitchen Cabinets featured in these photos were painted with a 3" inch sash brush and have no visible brush strokes.  The cabinet doors remained on, the handles were removed, and the hinges were painted around with an artist brush. Deglosser was applied to break down the existing varnish.  The cabinets were coated with Kilz Oil Based Primer. Two coats of McCormick Paints Interlok Interior/Exterior Acrylic Gloss Urethane were then applied for the cabinet finish.