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Decorative Faux Finishes - Skyscapes - Hand Painted Stripes - Wall Murals
Faux Finishes - Stripes - Livingmurals
Decorative faux finishes are designed to create atmosphere in a room.
The walls are no longer a container for your space they expand and embrace your emotions much like a photo or painting on canvas can draw you in and alter your demeanor.

The base coat for a successful 
finish is fundamental in that the walls are sized, measured and literally felt inch by inch before the hand painting begins.  At first glance one assumes that all of the walls in the room are flat, straight, and even.  This is not the case and never does it become more apparent than when taping a room for hand painted stripes.  You might as well put your ruler away if you want the stripes to meet seamlessly and be the same size at the point you started from.  The time it is going to take to complete the finish is also measured during the base coat process.  The artist can easily assess the amount of work they can do within a certain time frame which helps to avoid stopping in the middle of the wall. Professional faux finishers always do their own base coats.

Skyscapes require more physical energy than is generally considered.  Often I have heard, how hard can it be to paint a few clouds up there?  If it were that easy everyone would have clouds painted on their ceilings.  If you can look up for four hours continually while stretching your arm and body to it's full reach while holding a palette of paint in your other hand you are off to a good start.  When you can go up and down a ladder while simultaneously holding the palette, stretching your arm and body, and looking up, for four consecutive hours you can successfully complete a skyscape.  Skyscapes are often pricey because the painter can't go straight to the next job after the amount of labor involved.  Equally skyscapes require a base coat that does not absorb the top coat of paint and typically there is less paint on the ceiling than on the walls in most homes.

Decorative faux finishes, skyscapes, and wall murals painted by Livingmurals appear to be much more expensive than they actually are.  I feel that I have done my job well when your neighbor doesn't dare to ask how much it cost.

Skyscapes - Livingmurals

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